General Oncology
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This website is the translation of the teaching course given at the Caen University Faculty of Medicine. Its aim is to explain the general principles of oncology, in order to facilitate the study of different types of cancer and the various therapeutic methods that we can use to fight against them.

This website is not intended to give a detailed description of the various types of cancer. It does not and cannot compete with the lively, personal teaching adapted to a specific audience, as can be given during small sized courses. To learn one's future job, nothing can replace the person to person discussion with an experimented caregiver. At the best, this website offers complementary information.

This website is intended for medical students or, generally speaking, for caregivers. It is no way intended to reply to specific enquiries from cancer patients; only the patient’s personal physician is able to discuss his or her particular case. He/she takes the time to scrupulously examine the patient, requests the necessary tests to obtain a precise diagnosis, and can then explain from what kind of cancer the patient is suffering, what the best therapeutic possibilities are and what results can be obtained from such treatment.

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In the French course, multiple-choice questions have been elaborated allowing the student self-evaluation.

Chapters included in this course

General history of cancer


Cancer prevention


Cancer screening

New treatments (other therapies)

Cancer diagnosis

Multidisciplinary patient approach

Tumour markers

Psychological aspects

Cancer classification

Post-therapy follow-up

Cancer surgery

Palliative care in cancer


Cancer emergencies

I have particularly developed the chapter on palliative care since teaching of this subject in France is limited.

This website is my sole and personal responsibility. I would be glad to receive any suggestions or criticism.

Centre Régional François BACLESSE
Faculté de Médecine de CAEN
14000 - CAEN - France

I would like to thank various collaborators at Centre François Baclesse : Monsieur le Docteur Bernard Géry, radiotherapy oncologist, Monsieur le Docteur Yves Denoux, pathologist, Monsieur le Docteur Jean-Claude Gallard, radiologist , and to the many webmasters who allowed me to borrow their figures.

Other enthusiastic collaborators were : Sophie Taillard, Annie Lagrue, Monique Michel, Heather Costil and Frédéric Angot.