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General history
of cancer
Paraneoplastic syndromes

Some general reactions to cancer may constitute its revealing symptom, or occur during its evolution.

These paraneoplastic syndromes are systemic symptoms which appear (and disappear) with the tumour. Most of these syndromes are very rare although their list might seem long.

Endocrine manifestations

These syndromes are among the best known and explored: they are the consequence of an ectopic secretion of a substance which mimics a hormone (or is the hormone itself). Its very elevated blood concentration explains the disappearance of the syndrome when the tumour is removed.

Some are very classical:

Haematological disorders

They are very frequent and of various types:

Dermatological syndromes

Cancers can produce skin metastases (breast cancer, permeation nodules, tumour fistula) which should be diagnosed. Other dermatological syndromes include:

Neurological manifestations

Most neurological manifestations are in relation with a direct lesion by a metastasis.

Some are claimed to be paraneoplastic:

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